An arranged marriage

Golden rays of late morning sunlight Stream through the frosted window You look at the saris folded neatly and just right You need to choose one that will elegantly flow. Your luncheon guests will be arriving soon The ladies with their generous coat of makeup Will be waltzing into your home by high noon Dressed … Continue reading An arranged marriage

Sword of the Spirit

It has been a long time since I have committed a long list of Bible verses to my memory. From time to time, I try to memorize verses, but somehow usually end up relying on my Bible for the exact words. How convenient would it be if the verses were always in my mind and … Continue reading Sword of the Spirit

Storybook of one’s life, as seen with thanksgiving

When a problem comes in our way, where do we focus? Do we casually say that we have surrendered our situation to God so that He can step in to help us, but in actual fact we¬†end up channelling¬†all our energy into trying to resolve this problem by ourselves? God has a perfect plan for … Continue reading Storybook of one’s life, as seen with thanksgiving

Brush of loneliness

Hello there! Thanks for buying me and my friend in a pack of two I come in the colour pink and my friend in blue The first order of business when we get home is to decide who belongs to who I am guessing that I would be taken by the lady with the high-heeled … Continue reading Brush of loneliness

O durian, durian!

Durian -- a fruit to love or hate Your admirers call you creamy and sweet They swoon over your unique fragrance knowing they're in for a treat For them, you're the undisputed King of Fruits who is hard to beat. Durian -- a fruit to love or hate Your haters compare you to dirty socks … Continue reading O durian, durian!

Life is sweet

Life is sweet If we strive for harmony Although of different musical notes Together, our voices can bring a beautiful song. Life is sweet If we take a moment to listen To the perfect soothing song of nature The trees, birds and waterfalls altogether in unity. (Daily prompt: Harmonize)