Information overload

Having lived through the SARS of 2003, I’ve been thinking a great deal about how the current COVID19 experience is so different, in light of today’s widely available social media channels. Today’s news and information dissemination is a whole new ball game.While there is no doubt that social media channels can share bonafide and objective news … Continue reading Information overload

About giving

It’s Christmas today! On Christmas Eve this year, I was reflecting on the significance of the Christmas holiday period, also known as the season of giving. Why do people feel the need to give at a particular season, and then just slip back into their usual day-to-day life once this season is over? Do they … Continue reading About giving

Birds of the air

This photo was taken while my husband and I were watching an outdoor Easter play last year. My husband had pointed to me the birds that were flying in the air as the sun was setting. I quickly took a photo of the birds before they disappeared. The timing couldn't have been better! I was … Continue reading Birds of the air

A picture is worth a thousand words…

I took this photo at Nariman Point in Mumbai during a visit a few years ago. It was just a general scene, I wasn't trying to capture anything in specific. However, upon looking at the photo when I returned home, I realised how it tells the story of modern Mumbai. Actually, if you look carefully, … Continue reading A picture is worth a thousand words…

Hiking in heels: My fashion faux pas

A pair of block-heeled sandals and a broken toenail was all it took to introduce me into the heady world of hiking. Any hiker (except maybe, Lady Gaga) would emphasise the importance of wearing the right foot gear to tackle the uneven hiking trails and to break any impending fall down a slippery slope (or … Continue reading Hiking in heels: My fashion faux pas

The bewilderment of Nicodemus

The topic of evolution and creationism continues to be a hot topic of debate in this day and age. Proponents of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution (where only the fittest survive) say that Science has mounting evidence in favour of the natural selection process and that through this process, populations and species of organisms have … Continue reading The bewilderment of Nicodemus

An arranged marriage

Golden rays of late morning sunlight Stream through the frosted window You look at the saris folded neatly and just right You need to choose one that will elegantly flow. Your luncheon guests will be arriving soon The ladies with their generous coat of makeup Will be waltzing into your home by high noon Dressed … Continue reading An arranged marriage