Few (more) things I learned from the parable of the good shepherd

Have you had moments when you are reading the Bible and you realise that God is giving you a fresh insight into Scripture which you have read before? It happened to me today as I was reading chapter 10 of the book of John where Jesus gives the analogy of a good shepherd and his … Continue reading Few (more) things I learned from the parable of the good shepherd


Sowing on good soil

In the parable of the sower, Jesus provided four examples about the way people respond to the Kingdom message. He gave the analogy of a farmer who sowed his seed. Some seed fell along the path (eventually eaten up birds); some fell on rocky places (sprang up quickly, but the plants later withered because of lack … Continue reading Sowing on good soil

Hiking in heels: My fashion faux pas

A pair of block-heeled sandals and a broken toenail was all it took to introduce me into the heady world of hiking. Any hiker (except maybe, Lady Gaga) would emphasise the importance of wearing the right foot gear to tackle the uneven hiking trails and to break any impending fall down a slippery slope (or … Continue reading Hiking in heels: My fashion faux pas

The bewilderment of Nicodemus

The topic of evolution and creationism continues to be a hot topic of debate in this day and age. Proponents of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution (where only the fittest survive) say that Science has mounting evidence in favour of the natural selection process and that through this process, populations and species of organisms have … Continue reading The bewilderment of Nicodemus

Showing that you care: Calling or texting?

For as long as I can remember, a neat wooden telephone bench, with a beautiful maroon-coloured velvet seat cushion, and a small built-in shelf for storing the phone directory and address book, took a prominent position in my childhood home. Grandma's phone bench, as I like to call it, was a sophisticated two-way information dissemination … Continue reading Showing that you care: Calling or texting?

When life throws you lemons…

Science never fails to fascinate me and sometimes makes me think about life in general. For instance, an interesting New Scientist article about turning water into 'virtual lemonade' grabbed my attention recently. The science behind this research is captivating. The scientists used sensors to capture the acidity and colour of lemonade. This information was then transmitted … Continue reading When life throws you lemons…

At the crossroads

Do you have a tough decision to make? Not sure which way to go? Sometimes, life brings us at the crossroads and we are compelled to make a decision that will change the course of our future one way or another. In such circumstances, let's look to God and ask for His wisdom instead of relying … Continue reading At the crossroads