About giving

It’s Christmas today! On Christmas Eve this year, I was reflecting on the significance of the Christmas holiday period, also known as the season of giving. Why do people feel the need to give at a particular season, and then just slip back into their usual day-to-day life once this season is over? Do they … Continue reading About giving

My goofy furball

Thank you for coming into my life, my sweet boy Champion. Who would have known...in just a few months, you and I have become the best of friends! You've become my shadow, following me everywhere. Your mischievous ways have brought sweet chaos into my life. But while you might rely on me for food, shelter, … Continue reading My goofy furball

Life is sweet

Life is sweet If we strive for harmony Although of different musical notes Together, our voices can bring a beautiful song. Life is sweet If we take a moment to listen To the perfect soothing song of nature The trees, birds and waterfalls altogether in unity. (Daily prompt: Harmonize)

Tenacity, Issue 1: How blogging on WordPress introduced my mum to the world wide web

Hi folks! You must be wondering...what a strange title I've given to this post. Allow me to explain. I recently started this blog site ("Light Always") to write about my faith and life, and to date, I have published 10 posts here. Surprisingly, the ideas keep flowing easily -- which is a good thing as … Continue reading Tenacity, Issue 1: How blogging on WordPress introduced my mum to the world wide web

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord

I never thought that I would say this but sometimes, it takes watching a Hollywood movie before we understand the true meaning of an old hymn. This weekend, I was watching the movie Sister Act 2's rendition of the famous hymn by Henry van Dyke: "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee". I am sure that I have … Continue reading Make a joyful noise unto the Lord